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The Facts About Vampires

Facts about vampires (from "Let the right one in", http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797):

  1. very photo-sensitive; would burn if exposed to light.
  2. have to sustain themselves by drinking fresh blood.
  3. cannot ingest anything else, or would puke and be very sick.
  4. become vampires when infected by another vampire, through a non-fatal bite. Other modes of transmission may also reasonably be held to exist. There may be difference between vampires depending on the mode of infection.
  5. are hated by cats, who will attack and bite them if in sufficient number.
  6. cannot come in a house without being invited.
  7. if enter house without being invited, will start spilling blood from every one of their skin pores and orifices (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc...)
  8. stay the same physical appearance than when first became vampires.
  9. cannot resist the urge to drink blood when blood is available. Will lap it up if spilt on floor.
  10. will seduce partners to help them in dealing with the necessities of their peculiar life (e.g. helping to travel around, ensuring safety when recluse and sleeping during day, in some cases, even providing fresh blood).
  11. have a rather unpleasant (to unused noses) smell, though this is apparent only from perplexed wondering of new guests to a vampire's home.
  12. become very weak and sickly when not provided with their ration of blood.
  13. once satiated, feel much better very quick, smell better and are in much better mood.
  14. would very much like to be liberated from the burden of being a vampire.
  15. progressively lose the memory of their past human life, as it becomes further and further in time, to the point where they forget their own birthday, or the sensations of being human.
  16. while stay young, their family, and then partners, get old and die, leaving them alone if they cannot find new partners.
  17. inspire deep levels of loyalty, love, respect and devotion, but also fear and guilt, from their partners.
  18. age mentally even though not physically, but somehow still keep their own initial age's yearnings.
  19. are not sensitive to cold.
  20. can fly, and scale trees and buildings.
  21. are very light, "don't weigh a thing".
  22. can materialize out of nowhere in times of need, for their allies or partners.
  23. bite their victims in the neck, and will drain them of their blood mightily quick.
  24. sometime, especially when drinking blood, or subject to others' of their urges, their "real" (length of time living) age will show on their face.
  25. can be very wealthy, from gifts received from their admirers? or from accumulating wealth over so many years? Or maybe from stealing? This is not clear.
  26. prefer to live close to the poles, probably because nights are longer there?
  27. are ambiguously sexed. Do not consider themselves as human.
  28. do not care much for cleanliness, of clothes, body or living environment.
  29. have got the most mesmerizing eyes, and very cute smile.
  30. find it mightily difficult (if not impossible) to resist their urges (usually for drinking bloods), but will then warn the people they care about to stay away.
  31. if subject to a strong urge, this will be signaled by strange internal noise, like of a stomach growling with hunger.
  32. can be very inventive, sly and cunning in getting their preys to trust them enough to let them close.
  33. are very vulnerable because of all the difficult requirements for them to keep on living.
  34. have to change places constantly because of how the death of their victims will attract attention, suspicion and revenge.
  35. are really quite good with three dimensional puzzles (maybe because lots of time to think about it at night?)
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