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Men are descended from farmers, women from hunter-gatherers

Men are descended from farmers, women from hunter-gatherers

That would explain why men are so boring, limited, narrow-minded, predictable and oh so cowardly, while women are captivating, expansive, patient and persistent.

There is something so earthly in men, it is like they are wedded to mud and have acquired its character, while women are more like sisters of the wind, able to catch the whiff of change, sensitive to their environment, ready to move about, cut links and make new lives (literally and figuratively).

The only puzzle for me is why women were ever attracted to farmers in the first place; but then, I guess this is a matter of specialization: at least, men farmers were good at what they did, while men hunter-gatherers are totally useless (women's work provides more than 90% of the calories in hunter-gatherer tribes).

As for women farmer, I fear to think what they looked like; I even have difficulty to think such a thing could exist. I wonder if maybe they morphed into cows, sweet, wide-eyed and oh so generous, while men hunter-gatherers mutated into dogs: stinky, muggy and with bad breath.

So anyway, this is to file under the rubric: *upended paternalistic myths*. Men, not women are associated with earth, and women, not men, with freedom. Men are actually slaves, fixated on their lack of an ability to independently create, forever anxious about their work and its lack of fruits. Women are the genius unencumbered by such worries; forever comfortable in the knowledge that everything will eventually come their way, confident in their ability to make do with any opportunity.

(*) Update! Turns out men farmers would just invade hunter-gatherer's turf, kill the men and rape the women. Such is the wonderful habitus of men.
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