disconscious (disconscious) wrote,

Location, location

OK, people who mark their location as "Earth", "Everywhere and nowhere", "Formerly New York", "Originally San Francisco", "Right next to the river", "In front of my computer", "Nowhere in particular", or who say "Let's just leave it at Europe" or "I'll get back to you on that" : You are not funny, you are not clever and you are not cute. If you have privacy issues, please deal with them in an adult way.

As for those who say they are in "Hobbiton", "Jararvellir", "Lake Wobegon", "Middle-earth", "Sarasa Land", "Fairytopia" or "Mos Eisley", you are despicable and annoying. Geeks. Get a life.

Finally, if you are "Not where I want to be" or in "Some city you've never heard of", puhleeze, stop the pity-party and move on.
Tags: lake wobegon, middle-earth, privacy
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