disconscious (disconscious) wrote,

Ong Bak

Ong Bak. Wow. I think the message is: "Don't mess with Thai Buddhist relics"...

I love it when Ting enters a fight club, intending only to get his money back from a thief. A fight just ended with an over-muscled American fighter pulverizing his opponent. Ting tries to cross the ring, not realizing this puts him in contention. The arrogant American fighter lunges at him. The fights lasts about one second. Beautiful move... I have replayed it in slow mention several times. The audience is gobsmacked.

Ting proceeds to unwillingly participate in further fights, destroying an over fussy Japanese and an arrogant American. The main fight is further down the movie line, against a Burmese opponent. Much more serious as Burma is the tralatitious enemy of Thailand.

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Tags: asia, burma, muay thai, thailand
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