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The Ayn Rand of the Left

Don't Get Mad, Get Disconscious


1. My name is Esther Adler and I don't like you I am charming and kind hearted.
2. I am the feminazis Goddess Supreme. We cut men up and dump them to the dogs. Dogs for dogs, that is everyday recycling.
3. I don't think I've ever been in love. And when I was, it felt like pain.
4. I love road trips. Greyhound buses are my home.
5. I sometimes seem obsessive-compulsive. I probably am.
6. Right now, I’m working toward a BA in Theatre I am all over the place. Too complicated to explain. I am acting most of the time. I love drama. I am an actress cum director cum screenwriter cum waitress in a big daytime restaurant cum poetess of the vulgar. With all that cum, it is a wonder I am not a whore as well.
7. I have a tendency to think people are stupid. Try to show me you are not.
8. I don’t mind being single, but I mind feeling single sometimes. I was proposed to twice.
9. I am an atheist. I reject religion and all what goes with it. Religious people are creepy.
10. I like being obscure, just so to see where that leads people.
11. I love dreadlocks. It takes too much time to care for, though.
12. I have dark blue eyes and my hair were blond when I was a baby. Sadly enough, they have now darkened quite a bit.
13. Don't be fooled by my name: I am not a Jewess. My family background is Jewish but I never considered myself Jewish.
14. I always carry with me a notepad and write non-sensical tidbits that even I don't understand afterwards.
15. I’m an obsessive list maker. I have "To Do" lists all over the place.
16. I recently discovered that the more caffeine I drink, the easier it is for me to fall asleep. I stopped drinking coffee.
17. My drug of choice is marijuana. That with pornography and I masturbate a lot.
18. I am more popular than 99.944% of all LiveJournal users.
19. My favourite colour is dark red. I also like silver, black, green, and dark blue.
20. There is a large burn on one of my legs. An extensive mahogany which fascinates people when I wear short skirts.
21. I like old movies, classics, and discovering new films.
22. I like Amélie but I love alternative American movies of the 60s.
23. If I’m reading a good book, I can forget the hour and get lost in the subway system. I bump into people a lot.
24. I love traveling alone, by plane, boat, on foot or in bus. I hate cars.
25. Wannabe Jews get me very upset.
26. I’ve won money in Vegas twice. Not much.
27. I’m a really bad liar. But I lie all the time.
28. I've never been star-struck (not even when I was a teen-ager). Still, Björk and Drew Barrymore are my role models.
29. The only thing consistent about me is inconsistency.
30. I have a low alcohol tolerance and I don't like drunk people.
31. I can harmonize with any song in the universe.
32. I like reading reference books, travel writing, magazines, plays, history books, poetry and really almost anything at least once. I stopped reading fictions; it is a waste of time.
33. I’m a Cancer. People tend to obsess over me. I attract creeps and lonely people. I think I look too nice or my appearance is too common, approachable. They feel at ease with me but I am scared of them. I always end up having problems when I tell them off. They get angry, play tricks on me and tell horrible things. I got used to it, but it still makes me sick and sad. 'cause I don't hate them.
34. I can play a few instruments - just not any of them very well.
35. I’m too good at trivia game. As long as it doesn't require knowing names.
36. I never cry during movies... well maybe once.
37. If Chicago wasn’t so damn cold and didn't shut down so early, I think I’d move there.
38. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings (not even my ears. OK, I did pierce them finally, but only because I was sick of losing my earrings).
39. I wish I had even more brothers and sisters.
40. I hate shopping (especially for clothes). Nothing seems to fit me. I am happy to replace my clothes with similar ones once they get threadbare. I like used clothes.
41. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I will write a treatise on "Sexism and Susie's lot in Bill Watterson's C&H."
42. I throw knives as a hobby. Until they break. Then I cut myself. Lightly.
43. I love Ice Cream Soda. I love mixing Coke with Milk.
44. I have a VERY good memory (especially when it comes to numbers, too bad I suck at math). People can't even remember what I remind them of and think I am lying or am crazy.
45. I don't like music.
46. I used to do lots of sports. I now jog occasionally, and go skying in the winter. I am naturally fit.
47. I love sun with wind.
48. I think the Internet is amazing.
49. I feel like I’m the only non animal lover in the world. Not that I hate animals, I just don’t seem to like them as much as most people. I will pet them to look normal, but really, uh, no.
50. My family is from Austria. I repeat, Austria, not Australia.
51. Favourite hockey team- Ottawa Senators
52. Favourite singer: Janis Joplin
53. Favourite politician: Hillary Clinton
54. I am slightly dyslexic. This shows in writing.
55. In fact, there are a few words that I have trouble typing (can't think of what they are right now).
56. I sleep soundly, but I have very weird sleeping and eating habits. I need space in bed.
57. When Borders Bookstore opened near me, I used to spend all my free time there reading and drinking coffee. One day I got there at 9:00 AM when it opened and left when they kicked me out at 9:00 PM. I wish I still had that kind of free time.
58. I can't stand clingy, dependent people - well, they're fine as long as they aren't like that with me.
59. Everyone always thinks I'm younger than I am (I do look pretty young).
60. I love strategy games and wish I was better at them. I got an obsession with chess at a time.
61. I am NOT romantic- although I seem to be getting a tad romantic this past year (2002) for some reason.
62. I'm a people person but most people don't seem to get along with me or understand where I'm coming from.
63. I can see myself settling down in a small town in New England (preferably not too far from Boston).
64. I despise my parents since I am 4. I was born like that.
65. I'm very arrogant - and I deserve to be.
66. I don't care about mean people. I am meaner than anybody could.
67. I wish I had the kind of brain that would allow me to go to school at MIT.
68. I'm a conservative in theory, but I tend to side with progressives.
69. Still reading?
70. I love Christmas. It would be nice to marry someone with a big family so I'd have lots of people to celebrate with. My family will do for now.
71. I hate ending a sentence with a prepositional phrase, but sometimes it just sounds better to.
72. I'm myopic, but one of my eyes is almost perfect.
73. I like to talk a lot. Talk, talk, talk, that is all I ever do. I get very pissy when I am told to shut up.
74. I talk to myself a lot. I never know when I am talking to somebody and when I am talking to myself. I hear voices.
75. I talk to myself usually with a Russian accent. Or any accent that strikes my fancy.
76. I'm always more creative in the spring.
77. I speak without thinking and love to justify whatever I said, no matter how stupid.
78. I've moved over 20 times (big moves and small moves).
79. I love to learn- about anything.
80. I love to travel, there are very few places I don't want to visit.
81. I've been in 1 car accident only, but I am afraid of cars.
82. I especially have bad luck with counting on people and companies to get things done when I need them to.
83. I also have bad luck with cops. My first attempt at stealing was when I was six. My brother were making it to the exit of a mountain equipment shop with some ropes when we were arrested by an employee. They had to call the cops because we wouldn't tell our names. Unfortunately, one of the officers at the police station knew our father...
84. I did my fair share of partying when I was younger. I think I got it out of my system early since I usually prefer to stay home and relax these days.
85. I love parentheses (and I seem to use them more and more each day).
86. Music I've been listening to these days- show tunes, Dave Matthews, Sebastian Bach, Björk, Shivaree, Belle and Sebastian, Offenbach, Morcheeba, Janis Joplin, SugarCubes, Beth Orton, Alanis Morissette, Michelle Shocked, Stina Nordenstam, Norah Jones, k.d. lang, Stacey Kent, Madonna, Nanci Griffith, Ute Lemper, Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, Sarah McLachlan, anything classical.
87. I don't like loud music. I don't like loud people.
88. I learned to respect schedules. I never have any.
89. I love money. Especially when I don't have to work hard for it.
90. I've been to 12 countries.
91. Favourite cities: New York, Chicago, Paris, San Francisco, Budapest, Ottawa.
92. I hate cold weather but will put up with it since the colder the climate, the more intelligent the people are.
93. I suck at remembering people's names.
94. I write very small. I try to make it impossible for other people to read me. I do it so well I often am unable to re-read myself.
95. I always side with the underdog.
96. I have the coolest friendlist of LJ.
97. I’m addicted to Snickers and to Dr Pepper.
98. I like walking in dangerous streets alone at night.
99. I am a good whistler, and I know quite a lot of marching songs.
100. I wish I was somebody else.
101. Coming up with 101 facts was much harder than I thought it would be.

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