disconscious (disconscious) wrote,

Finally Safari

Ah, finally, Safari gives the option not to download images from websites... good bye clutter, hello expression. Now, they only have to integrate the search bar with the address bar, and maybe I won't switch to Chrome as soon at it releases for the Mac... hear me Stevie?... Oh, yeah, and please include a menu item so I can download and display pics I do want to see. Still need stupid buggy crash-prone Firefox sometime, for compatibility issues ironically.

Other software I like: The Bean wordprocessor, soooo fast, not like overwrought slow starting Open Office, or gimmicky What-You-See-Is-What-You-See M$ Word. Still need those though for compatibility issues and "complex" documents.

Speaking of which, very enjoyable is LyX, finally up to task, along with JabRef, for any serious word processing and referencing. I love having full total control on what I write, while the SW takes care of proper typesetting.

As ever, LaTeX processed pdf files are a joy to watch; my favorite fonts at the moment are Latin Modern Sans in the Sans Serif family, and New Century Schoolbook in the Roman family (rather than previous favorite Times Roman). Donald Knuth is part of my personal pantheon.

For pics, I like Picasa rather than horrible iPhoto which hijacks your computer, scrambles up all your files and takes your pictures hostage. For picture manipulation, SeaShore does the job OK (Gimp is really too slow on my MacBook).

Other than that, I am kind of happy with iTunes, though a Picassa for music would be rather welcome. And I am OK with Mail, though of course any serious emailing is done with (offline) Gmail. I have no major quibble with Excel of Powerpoint either; they do what they do quite well.

The dictionary standard on the Mac is kind of OK, no need for external application; I wish however more software did program short-cuts to it. ATM, only Apple software routinely do so. Speaking of which, really, please, do implement usual Mac shorcuts in your application, developer darlings. I am using Phoenix for blogging at the moment, but it won't even run to the end of a line when I do "Apple + -->".
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